February 24, 2015

AEIC Reports

( HTML | PDF ) Restoring American Energy Innovation Leadership: Report Card, Challenges, and Opportunities —2015

This report evaluates policymakers’ responses over the last five years to the our original recommendations, examining both the significant shortcomings and promising signs in America’s energy technology research, development, and demonstration policies–as well as the changes in the energy landscape over the last several years.

Any serious business leader would recognize that the country needs to take advantage of its current strength and act now to create a clean energy future. Only by investing in ingenuity and restlessness will the United States preserve its global leadership and ensure its future prosperity.

( HTML | PDF ) Catalyzing American Ingenuity: The Role of Government in Energy Innovation —2011

Building on our previous report, this update highlights the need for an active government role in energy innovation, recommends ways to improve the effectiveness of government innovation programs, and highlights options to pay for energy innovation investments.

America has a great deal to gain from smart, ambitious innovation investments in the energy sector.

( HTML | PDF ) A Business Plan for America’s Energy Future —2010

The Business Plan calls for a scale-up in clean energy investment and systemic reforms to create jobs, address national security concerns, and solve environmental challenges.

It is time we invent our future.

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