Renewing America’s Energy Technology Leadership


The mission of the American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC) is to foster strong economic growth, create jobs in new industries, and reestablish America’s energy technology leadership through robust, public investments in the development of world-changing energy technologies. Our principals are CEOs and business leaders who believe in clean energy, support AEIC, and work to advance our mission.
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Norman Augustine

Retired Chairman and CEO, Lockheed Martin: Former Undersecretary of the Army

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Dr. Wanda Austin

Former CEO and President, The Aerospace Corporation

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Mark Burns

President, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and a Vice President of General Dynamics

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Neal Blue

Chairman & CEO, General Atomics

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John Doerr

Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

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Jay Faison

Founder, ClearPath

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Thomas A. Fanning

Chairman, President and CEO, Southern Company

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Thomas F. Farrell II

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Dominion Energy

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Ben Fowke

Chairman, President and CEO, 
Xcel Energy

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Bill Gates

Co-Chairman, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Founder, Microsoft

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Mike Graff

Chairman and CEO, American Air Liquide Holdings

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Chad Holliday

Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell

Who We Are

Driving Resources Into Energy Innovation

AEIC members include: Norm Augustine, former chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin; Mark Burns, President, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and a Vice President of General Dynamics; Dr. Wanda Austin, Former CEO and President, The Aerospace Corporation; Neal Blue, chairman & CEO, General Atomics; John Doerr, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Anthony F. Early, Jr., chairman, CEO and president, PG&E Corporation; Jay Faison, Founder and CEO, ClearPath Foundation; Thomas A. Fanning, Chairman, President and CEO, Southern Company; Thomas F. Farrell II, chairman, president and CEO, Dominion Energy; Bill Gates, chairman and former CEO of Microsoft; Mike Graff, chairman and CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings; and Chad Holliday, chairman of Bank of America and former chairman and CEO of DuPont. Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox; Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE; and Tom Linebarger, chairman and CEO of Cummins Inc., serve in emeritus status.

The council is advised by a technical review panel consisting of preeminent energy and innovation experts and is staffed by the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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