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Four Leading Executives Join American Energy Innovation Council

Expansion Signals Growing Strength of Energy Innovation Agenda

Washington, D.C.– The American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC) today announced that four leading executives have joined the council as principals, including Neal Blue, Chairman and CEO of General Atomics; Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream Aerospace; Anthony F. Earley, Jr., Executive Chair of the Board of PG&E Corporation; Thomas F. Farrell, II, Chairman, President and CEO of Dominion Resources.

They join a group of America’s leading business and innovation executives—including Norman Augustine, John Doerr, Tom Fanning, Bill Gates, Mike Graff, and Chad Holliday—who seek to promote American energy innovation. The group formed in 2010 and is united in its belief that technological innovation—especially in energy—is at the heart of our nation’s economic growth, national security, global competitiveness, and environmental sustainability. AEIC works with business leaders, Congress, the Department of Energy, and others to build broad bipartisan support for public and private investments in innovation.

“Ingenuity and innovation have always been the foundation of American prosperity,” said Neal Blue. “Now is the time to lay the long term foundation for the next generation of energy technologies. I am excited to be involved in the council’s efforts to reinforce our nation’s commitment to innovation.”

“American businesses, especially manufacturers, must innovate to realize their potential, revitalize our nation’s economy and spur an energy transformation,” said Mark Burns. “Public-private partnerships are the bedrock of innovation, creating a foundation for success in the worldwide economy, so I appreciate the opportunity to be part of AEIC’s commitment to economic growth, job creation and technology leadership.”

“Creating a sustainable energy future for America requires working together across sectors to get the policies right and maximize the benefits of innovation,” said Tony Earley. “AEIC provides a platform for exchanging ideas and building coalitions, and PG&E welcomes the opportunity to be part of it.”

“Access to affordable, reliable energy is a prerequisite for a healthy and growing economy,” said Tom Farrell. “Innovation has the potential to transform some of the challenges we face in the energy sector into opportunities. AEIC’s work to drive us toward those innovative solutions has never been more important.”

Jason Grumet, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center, which hosts AEIC, said, “Over the next four years, government and business must work together to accelerate American energy innovation. With increased investment from both the public and private sectors, America can stake a new claim to global technology leadership. AEIC looks forward to working with Congress and the Administration to make this vision a reality.”