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Austin, Faison Join American Energy Innovation Council

Washington, D.C.– The American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC) today announced that Dr. Wanda Austin, former President and CEO of Aerospace Corporation, and Jay Faison, Founder and CEO of the ClearPath Foundation, have joined the Council.

Austin and Faison join a group of America’s leading business and innovation executives—including Norman Augustine, Neal Blue, Mark Burns, John Doerr, Tony Earley, Tom Fanning, Tom Farrell, Bill Gates, Mike Graff, and Chad Holliday—who seek to promote American energy innovation. The group formed in 2010 and is united in its belief that technological innovation—especially in energy—is at the heart of our nation’s economic growth, national security, global competitiveness, and environmental sustainability. AEIC works with business leaders, Congress, the Department of Energy, and others to build broad bipartisan support for sustained public and private investments in innovation.

“The investments we make in energy innovation today will lay the groundwork for US leadership in the energy markets of tomorrow,” said Austin. “Maintaining support for early-stage energy research is especially crucial for America’s sustained economic health and wellbeing. I am excited to join AEIC’s ongoing efforts to promote that long-term vision for our country’s future.”

“Innovation is America’s secret sauce, and in no area is this more important than energy. The Department of Energy has had a hand in developing nearly every major energy technology we have today. We can’t take our contributions for granted as other nations, particularly China, are pulling ahead of us,” said Faison.

“Wanda and Jay are extraordinary additions to AEIC, and their experiences growing successful businesses reflect the valuable perspective they have to share with policymakers looking to grow our nation’s economy,” said AEIC Co-Chair Norm Augustine. “They join us at a time when our leaders are facing decisions that will shape our energy future for decades to come. We look forward to working with them to ensure that future is a prosperous one.”

“The success that Wanda and Jay have achieved throughout their careers demonstrates the leadership and vision that make them valuable additions to AEIC’s efforts,” said AEIC Co-Chair Chad Holliday. “They understand the crucial and complimentary roles played by public and private efforts to research, develop and commercialize new energy technologies as well as the fierce competition that U.S. businesses face in being first to market.”

Jason Grumet, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center, which hosts AEIC, said, “In this contentious political environment, investment in innovation is one of the few issues that unites leaders across the political spectrum. Jay and Wanda’s substantive expertise, commitment to a strong economy and clean environment and intense pragmatism will be essential as AEIC continues to work across the aisle to advance sound national policy.”

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