Everything You Need to Know About the America COMPETES Act

Energy innovation is rising to a priority discussion in the United States, as last week both chambers of Congress acted on legislation that will guide the course of federal science and R&D investments for years to come. The House of Representatives narrowly passed its version of the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act (H.R. 1806), while in the[…]

How Tax Reform Could Make Wind, Solar and Natural Gas Power More Expensive

In recent years, several members of Congress have proposed comprehensive tax reforms, all of which would affect the cost of electricity. In February 2014, previous House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) released his proposal for comprehensive tax reform. Representative Camp’s proposal followed a set of proposals (here and here) issued as part[…]

DOE Energy RD&D Budget FY 2008-2015

AEIC Releases Recommendations for Restoring American Energy Innovation Leadership

Energy technology innovation is critical for expanding U.S. economic growth, enhancing energy security, and protecting our environment. However, critical federal investments in energy innovation have remained unchanged since 2010, as detailed by the American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC) in its third report, Restoring American Energy Innovation Leadership: Report Card, Challenges, and Opportunities, released today. The[…]

Public-Private Partnerships are Critical for Energy Innovation

New Public-Private Partnerships for Energy Innovation Build on Record of Success

Yesterday, the federal government announced a new Clean Energy Investment Initiative, which will partner philanthropic and mission-oriented investors with technical expertise at the Department of Energy and National Laboratories to make investments new clean energy technologies. DOE experts will lend their expertise at all stages of the innovation pipeline, from early-stage R&D through demonstration and[…]

AEIC Member Chad Holliday Emphasizes Innovation for the New Climate Economy

Today, AEIC member and former Chairman of Bank of America Chad Holliday was a featured speaker at the release of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate report, Seeing is Believing: Creating a New Climate Economy in the United States. Mr. Holliday spoke to the numerous opportunities for economic growth through sustained technological progress[…]