Department of Energy State Level Funding

The Department of Energy (DOE) funds innovative energy research across a range of disciplines throughout the United States, bolstering national security, creating jobs and economic opportunities, and improving access to reliable and affordable energy in every region. The map below illustrates the investment into each state by four of DOE’s program offices for Fiscal Year 2017, including the number and monetary value of grants awarded to entities within that state. It also outlines the work funded in each state by the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) since the program was founded in 2009. We invite users to explore this interactive tool to better understand DOE’s activity in every state.

*Data for grants from DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy and Fossil Energy were incomplete and are not represented here.
**Total Program Office Funding reflects discretionary spending allocated to each state (ex: State energy Program); by contrast, Program Office Grants include some discretionary awards, in addition to competitive grants funded by that program office and performed in that state. While there is some overlap, Total Program Office Funding and Program Office Grants are separate spending streams. Grants are just one way DOE supports state energy activities, in addition to contracts, loans, and other financial assistance.

Overall DOE and Total Program Office Funding in Each State (fiscal year 2017 annualized continuing resolution), Source:
Program Office Grants (fiscal year 2017), Source:
ARPA-E Grants (cumulative, 2009 to date listed above), Source:

Program Offices, Acronyms
EERE = DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
SC = DOE Office of Science
FE = DOE Office of Fossil Energy