ARPA-E Funding Bills Leave Committee

Last week, the full Senate and House Appropriations committees approved FY13 Energy and Water appropriations bills. The Senate’s bill provides $312M for ARPA-E, an increase of 13% over its FY12 budget of $275M, while the House bill cuts ARPA-E funding by 27% to $200M.

The American Energy Innovation Council today applauded House and Senate appropriators for funding the innovative APRA-E program, while urging much greater government investment in energy technology research to produce long-term energy breakthroughs.

“We thank Members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees for recognizing the critical role that ARPA-E and other energy technology research plays in America’s economy and energy future,” said Charles Holliday, chairman of Bank of America and former chairman and CEO of DuPont, who serves as Chairman of the American Energy Innovation Council. “We look forward to working with Members of Congress from both parties to secure greater funding to invent breakthrough energy technologies that can create huge new economic opportunities for our nation.”

For more details, please see AEIC’s Apr 30, 2012 press release.